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Salvation is here

Born Again

16 Jun
June 16, 2024

Father’s Day

A Fresh Word

For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

For those who need God`s help, we are happy to see you at our group meetings. Find a new purpose in life, start a new path by taking His Word and transforming it into the light that will lead you through the darkest times. Join our community for more information and become a member to share your experience with others. You may feel weak today, but God calls you strong. Call on the Lord at the moment of distress. Our church is open for you.

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Why People Come

Kimberly Jamison

Very friendly oriented and you just feel welcome like you’re right at home ♥️

Kimberly Jamison

Tamara Ford-Henderson

Spirit filled church. Pastor Green is lead by the holy spirit. Their praise team is wonderful .

Tamara Ford-Henderson

Iris Djamond

Goodness! Where do I start? I am greatly pleased by the welcoming & nonjudgmental atmosphere at Eden. As soon as I drove on the property layers of worry & stress was falling off me. I sensed within my spirit that I was at the right place. It’s such a gentle spirit there. I don’t feel condemned & put down. There is a sense of liberty there although I haven’t tapped into it yet trying to learn the culture & be lead by holy spirit. The man of God is truly a mighty man of valor who spends time in the presence of God on behalf of God’s people. They aren’t a ministry with their hands in your wallets.

Iris Djamond

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